Network Meeting on 22 January 2024 at 5 pm

22. January 2024

Let´s talk

Dear network,

as many of you have probably noticed in the mailing list, there was a discussion a few weeks ago about the open letter from Sophia Neises about the play “Die Goldfische” by DAS DA Theater Aachen. The play is criticized for its portrayal of people with disabilities and its cast of non-disabled actors, the so-called “cripping up”. The SOSH Theater, which was involved in the production in an advisory capacity and was also criticized in the open letter, took a stand and publicly addressed Sophia Neises on the mailing list. The conversation became very personal and escalated. The Executive Board felt it had a responsibility to intervene in the conversation and take a stand on the incidents as far as possible.

The network aims to offer all those involved as safe a setting as possible and facilitate a dialog at eye level between disabled freelance artists and cultural professionals as well as inclusive institutions.

The conversation surrounding the open letter contradicted this basic idea of the network. We would therefore like to use the upcoming network meeting to talk about the way we communicate and deal with criticism. The Executive Board will endeavor to find a moderator who wants to offer all participants as safe a framework as possible.

With this Zoom-Link you can be part of it:

We look forward to a constructive and respectful exchange and cordially invite all participants to the upcoming network meeting.

There will be no DGS interpreter, subtitles or translation into simple language for this meeting.